Gift Card Processing

Gift Card programs are a great way to increase customers and to drive profits.

Whether you and your business are new to loyalty cards or need an enhanced custom scope for your gift card program, i3 Verticals is here to help. Our complete loyalty card solutions are designed specifically to help your business vertical.

  • 1,000–card minimum
  • Flat monthly fee or per–transaction pricing
  • Merchandising materials ordered separately
  • All fees priced individually
  • Card production in 15 business days

Our Programs

Our flexible bundled programs also include a number of merchandising tools to present and market your cards.

Our Launchbox Program Includes:

  • 500 card package
  • Standard or custom card options
  • 500 standard card holders
  • Acrylic card display
  • Account setup, training and user guide
  • Card shipping in as little as 3-5 business days
  • Flat fee pricing (covers 4000 transactions per location per year)

Our Jumpstart Program Includes:

  • 100 card quick startup
  • Standard cards personalized with your business name
  • 100 standard card holders
  • Acrylic card display
  • Account setup, training and user guide
  • Cards ship in as little as 3-5 business days
  • Flat fee pricing (covers 4000 transactions per location per year)

Promotion Cards:

  • 3 Custom designs for your event or promotion
  • Perfect for promotional offers and events
  • Track card activity through our system to monitor promotion success
  • 15 business day turnaround upon proof approval in most cases

As a merchant with a national footprint, your customers have high expectations for the merchant gift cards you provide. Whether you’re new to the custom gift card business or have been operating a program for years, you want to know you’re getting the most from your custom gift card program.

What will it take for your merchant gift cards to break out, get noticed, and make a significant impact on your business? It starts with developing an effective strategy to market, develop, and manage your custom gift card program. That is where our experience and passion for your business can make a difference.

Program Features:

We’ve built our program with multiple transactions types, flexible program controls, and cardholder and
merchant support features to ensure you get the most out of your gift card program.

  • Customized program consultation to help you market and expand your gift card solutions
  • Experienced support teams to ensure a smooth, accurate conversion, and ongoing support
  • Flexible hierarchies and program controls
  • Robust, secure, and compliant processing environment
  • Online data and reporting solution with a large suite of reports and customizable queries
  • Extensive cardholder support with both online and telephony inquiry systems
  • Multiple settlement options for franchise partners
  • A successful program requires a solid back-office management system. Direct, powered by Vantiv, brings together all the data and reports you need to help you understand how your program is performing. And it provides the cutting-edge functionality you need to efficiently and securely manage all your payment transaction data.

Reports and Data:

  • Search five years of transaction history at the summary or account level
  • Export data with ease and customize queries at the summary or detail level
  • Access a complete reporting suite for reconciliation, settlement, portfolio analysis, and escheatment
  • Access a comprehensive aging and liability file
  • Import a raw data activity file into your reconciliation system


  • Process all available gift card transaction types, in single or batch mode via the Virtual Terminal
  • Import large, non-sequential batches of transactions from a spreadsheet to avoid manual entry
  • Process large batches of sequential cards in real time with the mass transaction application
  • Tag a group of cards for review using the program identifier assignment application

Our conversions team has extensive experience bringing credit, debit, and gift card portfolios on to our platform. We manage the process from end to end so your program conversion is accurate, on time, and as seamless as possible. You’ll be offering gift card solutions in no time!

With our innovative implementation support, we can:

  • Convert your active and non-active cards so you can deplete your current stock
  • Support all program features and functionality on your converted card base
  • Convert your transaction history if provided by your current processor